More caricatures of happy customers @Ikea Cheras. The cheerful smiles on their faces are enough to express their excitement on being honoured with FREE caricatures by our artist on such lucky day at #Ikea.

In conjunction with Hari Raya celebration 2019, lucky customers of IKEA are rewarded with Free caricatures with any purchase they made at IKEA. Our artist at Ikea Cheras, KL_may2019

What a better way to have an exciting shopping experience than to be rewarded with FREE caricature for any amount that we shop! These happy customers were certainly having a good time with their Hari Raya shopping at IKEA Cheras this month, especially to receive Free caricatures from our professional caricature artist.

Caricatures are to be enjoyed in all seasons, but in Malaysia it’s definitely in hot season with a bottle of Spritzer natural mineral water. Our artist at Spritzer new image launching event @Lot 10, K.Lumpur _dec2018

Caricature Entertainment is the kind of entertainment that is perfect for trade shows, conventions, corporate events or any event where you want to promote your business such as a product launching promotional event. At such events, you can give your guests the unique personalized caricatures bearing your product logo and branding which your guests will certainly be happy to have and to remember the occasion fondly.

The 10th Anniversary of Axiata was celebrated recently with Digital Caricatures by our Caricature Artists exclusively for the Board of Directors of Axiata_04dec.2018


In celebrating Axiata’s 10th Anniversary recently, our Digital Caricature Artists were invited to showcase their talents in drawing digital caricatures exclusively for each of the Board of Directors of Axiata as special gifts for them.

2018 TM Forum Digital Transformation Asia KL conference event with our professional Digital Caricature Artist as one of the highlight at the expo @ KL Convention Centre_13-15nov2018



2018 New Proton X70 SUV launching event that stands out with our artist’s exclusive caricatures for visitors to the event at the LHM Proton Service Centre, Nilai,N.Sembilan_15dec.2018

Our caricature artists at the recent launching event of the national carmaker’s first-ever SUV Proton X70 at the LHM Proton Service Centre Nilai on 15 Dec. 2018. Besides the expected attention given to the Proton X70 showcase plus other activites at the event, our artist still managed to capture the attention of the visitors with nonstop caricatures drawn throughout the event.


A Caricature Artist is a Perfect Choice to provide an entertaining activity for a Company Family Day such as the one Google Malaysia employees had on 17Aug.2018 @ Menara 1 Sentrum, KL Sentral.

Here at Google Malaysia Family Day 2018 event, our talented Caricature Artists were invited to perform their talents in drawing Digital Caricatures for Google Malaysia staffs. Today, given the theme of the event “My Family, My Superheroes”, every personnel was given the opportunity (once in a lifetime ;)) to be a superhero that each person chosen.

Malaysia Caricature Artist at the annual international event, WCET Convention 40th Anniversary, taking place this year at KLCC, K.Lumpur_April 2018.

Malaysia Caricature Artist services at the annual international event, WCET Convention 40th Anniversary, taking place this year at KLCC, K.Lumpur, 15th-18th April 2018.

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