Caricature for your wedding.

Couple & car

This caricature was requested by a customer who planned to use it for his wedding. For those who want to try something different in their wedding plan, Instead of the typical wedding photography, why not use wedding caricature on your Wedding Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations, Door Gifts, Thank You notes, and also on the Wedding Sign-in Boards /Signature Guests’ Book. We will create wedding caricature that is unique and exclusively yours for your wedding!

Caricature for those Farewell moments…

farewell caricature gift

Another farewell theme caricature commissioned by a customer recently who wanted to give it to her dear friend and family who were going back to their country.

Caricature Gift / Farewell Caricature

Farewell Caricature

You can have farewell caricature to express your best wishes, gratitude and appreciation towards your boss, colleague, friends, or teacher who’s leaving from the company or for retirement. This caricature gift will certainly be a memorable gift that will be treasured for a long, long time…

Another great idea for Caricature Theme

superhero team

Another great idea for superhero caricature theme. The whole group team with each different & unique superhero caricature character. Now everybody in your team will be happy his/her caricature and nobody will complain of not having the chance of being turn into a superhero…J

Superhero Theme Caricature

Batman vs Catwoman

Caricature with Superhero Theme is one of our most favorite theme requested by customers. Why is it so?Because it is the best approach to stand out in a crowd! So what are you waiting for…? Get your exclusive and unique Superhero caricature today!

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