Caricatures for Inspiration

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Caricature Malaysia 2@art  Caricature Malaysia 1@art

Now how about a special caricature treat for your dearest ones’ inspiration.. In this case, as inspiration for their dreams to be a chef! Just provide us with your dear ones’ photos and our artists will proceed with superb caricatures of their dreams.

Caricature Illustrations for Commercial purposes.

SUnsilk art00

Beside receiving commission for personal individual caricature, we also receive commission from corporate companies which need to use our caricature service for their commercial /  advertising purposes. Here’s one of the illustration works our artists did for an advertising campaign by a local company recently.

Caricature Theme most favoured… the Superheroes Caricature!

Superheroes Caricature

A most recent caricature commissioned by a customer for his team members. Again, the superheroes caricature theme is the most favoured by our customers. It’s sure is one fun and unforgettable way to remember the team’s spirit forever.

Digital Caricature for Your Coming Event

Digital Caricature color01 Digital Caricature color02 Digital Caricature color03

Digital Caricature color04 Digital Caricature color05 Digital caricature color06

At we also provide Caricature Artists who specialized in drawing digital caricature at various events and functions held by both private and corporate organizations. Here are some digital caricatures of the customers at Samsung Galaxy Note 3 event.

Have Your Custom Made Wedding Caricature for your wedding…

wedding caricature

Just let us know any idea that you want to recall your love story or something that will make both you & your partner smile… our caricature artists will create a memorable wedding caricature that will always remind you of those sweet moments.

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