Profile Caricature

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Profile Caricature is caricature of a subject from the side or profile view. An interesting option for those who would like to try a different style of caricature. Just provide your profile or side view photo, and we are set to go..

Caricature for Couples


For any special occasion or simply to show how much someone means to you… surprise him or her with caricature of both of you. We will be very happy to assist you…;-)

Digital Caricature @ ITB 2015 Berlin, Germany

Annika_ITB Berlin2015 copy  Yang Fang_ITB Berlin2015 copy  Dgtal @ITB Berlin2015 01

Leon M_ITB Berlin2015 copy  Jannice_TB Berlin2015 copy  Iris_ITB Berlin2015 copy

Some Digital Caricature sketches done at the International Tourism Trade 2015 @ Berlin, Germany. The sketches were certainly a hit among the visitors, and the main attraction to the Malaysian pavilion.

Caricature ‘Live’ Sketching @ Event

Caricature@ITB Berlin2015 02 Caricature@ITB Berlin2015 03  Caricature@ITB Berlin2015 01

Some ‘live’ sketches done at an event recently. Normally artist will take just about 5 minutes to do a ‘live’ sketch, in black white.

Caricature is the Perfect Gift

caricature  malaysia penang

No matter what your profession is, Caricature will be a perfect gift for every career and lifestyle. However serious your profession is, there is always time for bit of humour in our life.

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