Beautiful Caricatures from KITF 2015 @ Almaty Kazakhstan (April 2015)

caricature Kazakhstan01 caricature Kazakhstan02 caricature kazakhstan03 caricature Kazakhstan04 caricature Kazakhstan05 copy caricature Kazakhstan06 Caricature artist@KITF2015 Kazakhstan

At the Kazakhstan International Trade Fair 2015 at Almaty Kazakhstan recently. Surrounded by multicoloured & beautiful faces…Artist cannot resist to capture those beautiful smiles of the visitors, which resulted these beautiful and happy caricatures….

Caricature Artist Entertaining at KITF 2015 @ Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Caricature01@Almaty Kazakhstan Caricature02@Almaty Kazakhstan Caricature03@Almaty Kazakhstan Caricature04@Almaty Kazakhstan

Our artist was recently invited to entertain at the Launching Dinner of Kazakhstan International Trade Fair 2015 @ Almaty, Kazakhstan. And the result was…more exclusive caricatures of happy guests at the event.

More Exclusive caricatures…

customer015 customer016 customer017 customer018

More exclusive caricatures of customers at our Gallery, ‘Kora Kora’ @ Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. Should you have the urge to get your own exclusive caricatures, do drop by at our Gallery. Our artist available  are always ready to entertain your request for caricatures / cartoon portraits or portraits.

Exclusive Caricatures of Walk-in Customers @ our Gallery, ‘KoraKora’ at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

customer011 customer 012 customer013

Exclusive Caricatures of walk-in customers at our Gallery, ‘Kora Kora’ at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Banda Hilir, Melaka. Opens daily, 10am – 10pm.

Caricature Artist @ Trade Exhibitions / Business Conventions

Happy guest06 Happy guest05 Happy guest04 Happy guest03

Caricature Artist Attracts visitors

Having a Caricature Artist at your booth at trade exhibitions or business conventions will certainly provide an added attraction to visitors. At we provide both Traditional (manual) & Digital Caricature artists who are always ready for this kind of entertainment.

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