Beautiful Faces & Beautiful Caricatures from Milan, Italy.

Caricature World Expo Milan Italy 13 Caricature World Expo Milan Italy 12 Caricature World Expo Milan Italy 15 Caricature@World Expo Milan,Italy 06 Caricature World Expo Milan Italy 16

It’s not everyday that you could be at such an exciting event… and exciting people asking for their exclusive caricatures.. ; )

Latest Caricatures from World Expo Milan, Italy (20th May- 5th June 2015)

Caricature@World Expo Milan, Italy 01 Caricature@World Expo Milan,Italy 02 Caricature@World Expo Milan,Italy 03 Caricature @World Expo Milan,Italy 04 Caricature@World Expo Milan,Italy 05

Our artist is once again invited to perform at the World Expo Milan, Italy from 20th May to 5th June, 2015. A grand international expo to be participating in and surely a grand time for the artist to show his talent…

Sweet Couple Caricature

caricature artist Penang caricature artist sarawak

Caricatures are for all ages… not only for the young ones.. but also for the sweet couples remembering their golden years..

Caricature for Teacher’s Day

caricature artist selangor

A caricature especially for a teacher on this Teacher’s Day. There’s still time to surprise your teacher with a caricature…

The Launching of the new Microsoft Store, KLCC !!! Our Caricature sketch artists are invited again to play with fast and smooth latest tablet from Microsoft, Surface Pro3.

Caricature Malaysia Klcc caricature kuala lumpur 2 caricature maker malaysia 1 caricature maker malaysia 2  caricature software kuala lumpur 1 caricature software kuala lumpur 2 caricature yourself @ Melaka caricature yourself @ Penang caricature yourself @ Singapore

Caricature,Kuala Lumpur,Suria Klcc,Tablet surface Pro 3,Digital Sketch Caricature,100% Handrawn

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