Caricature Commission



 IMPORTANT : Please read the following terms and conditions before making your payment. 

We will consider that you have READ and AGREED with our terms and conditions whenever we receive any payment from you with regards to the caricature order you make.

1.  Each PHOTO given as a reference is FINAL. Artist will draw based only from the photo. 

Once artist has started / finished drawing, any request for amendment based on other different photo shall be considered a new/different order (and new payment).

2. Please be advised once again that this is a SKETCH/Rough Drawing. (Definition of Sketch : A rapidly executed freehand drawing that is definitely does not look the same as the original photo).

3. Each sketch will be drawn based on the artist’s imagination and perspective.

4. Any request for correction or amendment on artwork shall be charged according to the artist’s discretion.

5. We do not provide any preview of artwork due to the different settings in the devices which will affect the view of the artwork.

6. Any comment or critics on the finished artwork shall not be entertained.

7. Rejection Fee : For any order that is completed but rejected by customer, we will refund only 60% from the total payment considering that artist has spent all his effort and time on finishing the artwork.

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